St Mary's Church
Belle Vue Road Aldershot

St Mary's Roman Catholic Church was built in 1962/63. It is a simple modern building but built on a traditional cruciform plan. Inside, the church is of a simple design with a raised main altar and two side chapels. The east wall is dominated by a huge calvary of the crucified Christ flanked by the Blessed Virgin Mary and St John the Apostle.

The church was originally designed in line with the liturgical practice of the time, with a high altar at the liturgical east end of the church (against the wall) for ad orientem celebrations of the Holy Mass where the priest faced away from the people.

The Church as it looked in 1963 at the time of consecration...

In line with the revisions following the Second Vatican Council in the 1960s, the church was modernised or re-ordered.The main altar was moved further away from the east wall so that Holy Mass could be celebrated versus populum (facing the people) in line with those liturgical revisions. Unlike the re-ordering of St Joseph's the alterations made very little change to the appearance of St Mary's as it was still a relatively new church when the changes were made.

The Sanctuary as it looks today...